If you or someone close to you has ever been diagnosed with a serious illness, you already know how stressful it can be. On the other hand, receiving no diagnosis at all can be incredibly frustrating—and just as stressful—if you are experiencing symptoms.


Unfortunately, diagnostic errors are alarmingly common in the United States. According to CBS News, roughly 12 million American adults seeking outpatient care are misdiagnosed annually. What’s more, researchers suspect that in half of these cases, the error has the potential to cause life-threatening complications.


At the end of the day, even the most caring and attentive providers are likely to make a mistake at some point, so it is important that patients know when to seek a second opinion. We’ll discuss two of those scenarios in this blog.


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Read on to learn two scenarios when you should seek a second opinion after a medical diagnosis:


If Your Physician Recommends an Invasive Procedure


Getting diagnosed with any kind of medical condition is scary, but it can also be somewhat reassuring. Once a physician knows what’s wrong, you can take the steps needed to treat the condition or at least manage its symptoms.


If the recommended procedures are relatively invasive, though, it is best to seek a second opinion. Otherwise, you might undergo a risky procedure when a less invasive option is available.


If Test Results Are Negative or Inconclusive


If you are experiencing symptoms but diagnostic tests do not reveal anything abnormal, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are perfectly healthy. At the very least, getting a second opinion and undergoing further tests can help put your mind at ease.


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