1. How Much Is My Product Liability Claim Worth?  

    Medical bills and other costs can add up quickly after a serious injury. But if a defective product was to blame, you may be able to recover compensation for any damages you’ve incurred. Unfortunately, there’s no simple formula for calculating the potential value of a personal injury claim. Ever…Read More

  2. What Is Whiplash? Causes, Symptoms & Treatments.

    Whiplash is a relatively common car accident injury, especially in rear-end collisions. Also known as “neck strain,” whiplash is considered by many to be a minor injury—but in severe cases, it can lead to permanent complications. Up to 42 percent of people who sustain whiplash develop chronic …Read More

  3. Can I Sue a Driver Who Ran over My Foot?

    Can I Sue a Driver Who Ran over My Foot? Pedestrian accidents injure and kill thousands of people every year in the United States. In 2015 alone, more than 5,000 pedestrians died in traffic crashes, and over 129,000 received hospital treatment for injuries. Although speeding, distracted driving, and…Read More

  4. What Sets Us Apart from Other Bicycle Accident Law Firms?

    Bicycle accidents are relatively common in every big city due to the sheer number of drivers and cyclists on the road. Unfortunately, any collision involving a cyclist is likely to result in serious injuries or death.   If you were hurt or lost a family member in a bicycle crash, the smartest s…Read More

  5. 3 FAQs About Brain Injury Claims Following Bicycle Accidents

    Bicyclists in the state of Massachusetts have many of the same rights and responsibilities as the motorists in traffic around them. In an effort to protect bicyclists from devastating accidents and serious injuries, though, there are a few additional laws that apply to them. For example, Massachuset…Read More

  6. 4 Alarming Statistics About Medical Malpractice in the U.S.

    From your dentist to your optometrist, you put a lot of trust in every medical provider whom you see. Unfortunately, healthcare professionals make mistakes just like anyone else, and the consequences are often devastating. If a physician fails to provide adequate care and you suffer an injury or ill…Read More

  7. 5-ways-to-treat-a-concussion

    Did You Suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury? 5 Symptoms of a TBI

    Suffering a blow to the head is always cause for concern. A forceful impact can jostle the brain inside the skull, potentially leading to bruising, bleeding, and other serious complications. There are many types of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and they can vary greatly in severity and symptoms. …Read More

  8. How to Treat Whiplash: 5 Tips to Reduce Pain and improve Mobility

    Whiplash may seem like a relatively minor injury, but the worst of its symptoms can be utterly debilitating. Also called “neck strain,” this soft tissue injury develops when you suddenly overextend and then flex your neck. Symptoms include pain and stiffness in the upper body, reduced range of m…Read More

  9. 5 Steps to Take After a Hit-and-Run Accident

    If you were hurt in a motor-vehicle collision, the driver who caused the crash may be liable for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. But what if the at-fault motorist fled the scene before you could get his or her information? Sadly, hit-and-run accidents are a growing problem around …Read More

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    3 FAQs About Truck Accidents Caused by Brake Failure

    The vast majority of tractor-trailer accidents are caused by driver errors such as speeding, tailgating, and making illegal turns. Even if a trucker drives responsibly, though, all it takes is one mechanical malfunction to cause a devastating wreck. After being injured or losing a loved one in a tru…Read More