Medical Malpractice Lawyers NYCMedical malpractice occurs due to the negligence of a medical professional or medical facility. Patients have the right to expect accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment from all medical service providers.

When a medical professional or facility cares for you, they have a duty to provide reasonable care. When they violate that duty, a medical malpractice attorney can aggressively seek compensation for your loss or injury.

Medical malpractice does not occur every time a medical treatment is not successful. Sometimes a poor outcome can be determined to be “an unfortunate medical result” rather than a result of a physician’s negligence. A medical malpractice lawyer can help you navigate through the legal process in recovering compensation for your loss or injuries.

Early on in a potential medical malpractice case, attorney Scott Charnas works with an expert or experts in the involved medical field or specialty, to determine if malpractice did likely occur.

When medical practitioners fail to provide reasonable medical care, the results can be devastating. Scott Charnas stands ready to assist you and your family in recovering just compensation for the damages caused by medical malpractice. Mr Charnas serves the New York, Boston, and surrounding areas, and offers a free consultation to review your case.