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It’s no secret that speeding, drunk driving, or ignoring traffic signals will increase your chances of getting into a motorcycle wreck. Unfortunately, even the most safety-conscious riders who always follow the rules of the road can end up in a catastrophic crash due to the negligence of other motorists.

When riders get into collisions through no fault of their own, they have the right to seek compensation for their damages from all liable parties; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean doing so is easy. The process of recovering a fair payout—and the kinds of damages the payout can include—vary by state. Regardless of where you file the claim, navigating the proceedings is always challenging.

For this reason, it is wise to turn to a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer for guidance. If you were hurt in New York City or Massachusetts, that means turning to Charnas Law Firm.

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bike-luxury-motorbike-296735-min-5ba87506685c1How Much Is My Case Worth?

Every motorcycle accident claim may be different, but all injured parties enter the proceedings with the same question: How much is my case worth? Although a reputable firm will never promise to achieve a particular outcome for you since the claims process is unpredictable, a knowledgeable attorney can explain the various factors that could affect the final settlement or verdict. These include:

  • Liability: If you were not responsible for the wreck in any way, you should be able to recover compensation for 100 percent of the damages. If you are found to be partially liable, though, the total amount you can recover will be reduced by your own percentage of fault. And if you are deemed more than 50 percent at fault in Massachusetts, you cannot recover any compensation.
  • Damages: Because motorcycles provide zero protection from the force of impact, the damages that result from collisions are often extensive. For example, spinal cord injuries can leave victims paralyzed for life, and traumatic brain injuries can prevent them from ever working again. The total damages you incur, which primarily depend on the severity of your injuries, will impact the value of your case significantly.
  • Ability to Pay: In most cases, plaintiffs cannot recover more than the defendants have available to them in insurance coverage. Although there are exceptions, pursuing a payout for more than the liable party’s policy limits is a long and complicated process that may require going to trial and filing multiple lawsuits.

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