Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are intended for those who cannot earn a reasonable income because of a qualifying disability. Although such benefits can be a godsend, securing them is challenging.

In fact, putting together a claim is so time consuming and taxing that it often deters those who are eligible from applying. Fortunately, claimants do not have to complete the application on their own.

By hiring a personal injury lawyer who handles Social Security disability cases, you can focus on your health and family while your attorney handles the logistics of your claim. If you need help applying for SSD benefits—or filing an appeal after receiving a denial—contact Charnas Law Firm.

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Lawyers For Social Security DisabilityDo I Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Because the application process for SSD benefits is so daunting, it is wise to determine if you are eligible for them before starting. Although there are some exceptions, most people can figure out if they qualify by asking these four questions:

  1. Is Your Condition Preventing You from Working?

If you are still able to work despite being disabled, you are not entitled to benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers those who make at least $1,180 per month to be gainfully employed and therefore ineligible for benefits.

  1. Is Your Disability Considered a Qualifying Condition?

Your condition must be severe enough that it inhibits you from performing simple, work-related tasks. It must also be on the SSA’s Listing of Impairments.

  1. Can You Adapt at Work?

Are there ways to adapt so you can continue doing the work you have always done? If you have a physical disability but your job is relatively sedentary, for example, it may be hard to qualify for benefits because accommodations can usually be made.

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  1. Can You Perform Some Other Kind of Work?

Can you make some kind of lateral move to a different company or even a new industry that demands the same skillset? Even if you cannot earn money performing the job you used to do, you will be ineligible for benefits if you can take on some other position.

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