New York City & Massachusetts Train Accident Attorneys

Approximately every 90 minutes , there is a
collision between a train and a vehicle
somewhere in the United States. Because of the
sheer size, weight, and speed of locomotives,
these accidents are often catastrophic. Vehicle
occupants are 30 times more likely to sustain
fatal injuries in crashes with trains than they are
in collisions with other cars or trucks.
Depending on the circumstances, passengers
riding in the train and even people waiting on
the platform can get hurt in an accident or derailment, as well. Those who are fortunate enough
to survive the impact might sustain:
Traumatic brain injuries ;
 Spinal cord injuries ;
 Bone fractures;
 Burns, scarring, and disfigurement;
 Lost limbs;
 Severe abrasions and lacerations; or
 Post-traumatic stress disorder.
If you were hurt in some kind of wreck involving a train, you may be entitled to compensation
for all resulting damages. To determine who could be financially liable for your injuries, contact
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Why Do Train Accidents Occur?
To recover compensation for damages, train accident victims must first determine who was
liable for the incident, which means identifying the underlying cause of the crash. Common
causes of train accidents include:
 Poorly maintained tracks;
 Poorly maintained crossings or platforms;
 Mechanical failures;


 Malfunctioning machinery or equipment;
 Negligent conductors or crew; and
 Negligent passenger-vehicle motorists.
Who Could Be Responsible for a Train Accident?
Determining liability following train accidents can be challenging, and it is not uncommon for
multiple parties to be responsible. Unfortunately, this only serves to complicate the claims
process for those seeking compensation.
Since individual defendants may not have enough liability insurance to cover all applicable
damages, it is essential to identify everyone who was at fault. Naming multiple defendants in a
case may be considerably more work, but it increases the chances of recovering a settlement
that will cover all resulting losses.
Parties that could be liable for a train accident include:
 The train crew;
 The equipment manufacturer;
 The maintenance contractor;
 The railroad company;
 The municipality responsible for maintaining the crossings; and
 Passenger-vehicle motorists.
Building a successful claim against one or more of the parties listed above is a lot of work, but
you do not have to shoulder the burden alone. By hiring a seasoned train accident attorney, you
can focus on recovering from your injuries while your lawyer guides your case through the
claims process. An attorney from Charnas Law Firm can investigate the incident, gather evidence
of fault, track all damages, and negotiate with the opposing party on your behalf.
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