If you have trouble concentrating or remembering simple facts after suffering a blow to the head, you should visit a doctor right away. You may have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI).


Even a concussion, which is a mild TBI, warrants medical attention. Common symptoms include headaches, irritability, dizziness, fatigue, trouble sleeping, tinnitus, unexplained depression, anxiety, and poor balance.


There are several ways to diagnose a concussion. After reviewing your symptoms, the doctor might evaluate your memory and concentration, test your reflexes and coordination, or order an MRI or CT scan.


If it turns out you sustained a concussion, you may have to stay at the hospital for observation. Otherwise, your doctor will most likely order you to go home and relax until your symptoms improve.


Even if you make a full recovery, the cost of lost income and medical bills can easily reach several thousand dollars. But if your injury was caused by another person’s negligence or wrongful act, you should not have to pay for these losses out of your own pocket. To find out if you have grounds for a personal injury claim, contact The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny.


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Here are just a few reasons to see a doctor right away if you sustained a concussion:

  1. More Serious Brain Injuries Can Manifest Latent Symptoms


Even if you feel relatively fine, the symptoms of a TBI can get worse over time. In fact, there’s no way to determine the severity of a brain injury based solely on the symptoms—or lack thereof—that appear in the immediate aftermath.


  1. Even a Minor TBI Can Cause Complications If Left Untreated


Doctors may not be able to “cure” TBIs, but they can still monitor patients to prevent serious complications from arising. More severe concussions will likely require hospitalization for at least a few days so physicians can keep an eye on the patient and facilitate the brain’s natural healing process.


  1. Visiting a Doctor Will Start a Paper Trail


If you intend to file a personal injury claim, you will need to prove the types of damages you suffered and their value. Medical documentation is essential evidence for proving damages, but if you wait too long to visit a doctor, the insurance company might argue that your injuries were caused by something else, that they aren’t that severe, or that your decision to put off the evaluation caused them to worsen.


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