Parking in a bustling metropolitan area always poses a challenge. When running errands in New York, for example, finding a space in a reasonable location—and for a reasonable rate—often seems impossible. And since parking lots in the city are virtually always full, they are subjected to a lot more wear and tear than those in less congested areas.


Therefore, even if you do manage to find a space, you may have to maneuver over massive potholes and crumbling concrete to get to it. And upon getting out and walking to your destination, you are vulnerable to slipping, tripping, and falling. If you end up getting hurt, you might be entitled to compensation for any resulting damages, but determining liability in such a scenario can be difficult.


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Read on to learn what you should know about slips, trips, and falls in city parking lots:


  1. The Incident May Have Been Caught on Camera


In 2006, the New York Police Department started installing street-level security cameras, and by 2017, they had approximately 2,000 cameras overlooking the city 24/7, according to Next City. There are another 7,000 cameras in public housing, as well as 4,000 watching the subway system. There are also 4,000 private security cameras scattered around the five boroughs, and officers can tap into any one of them as needed.


Therefore, it is reasonable to assume if you slipped and fell in a parking lot somewhere in the city, there may be footage of the accident. Such recordings could contribute to the strength of your claim, and a seasoned premises liability lawyer can help you go through the necessary steps to obtain them.


  1. The Local Municipality May Be Responsible


Unless you were hurt in a privately owned parking lot, the local municipality might be responsible for your damages. If this is the case, it is essential to act fast because claimants who want to sue a government entity have only short deadline in which to do so. Typically, injured parties have just 90 days from the date of the incident to file a Notice of Claim with a government agency in New York.


  1. The Damages May Be Significant


Slipping on wet asphalt or tripping over a pothole may not seem all that serious, but in either scenario, the resulting damages can add up fast. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, senior citizens alone incurred more than $50 billion in medical expenses as a result of falling in 2015. Although younger individuals are not as prone to devastating injuries in slip and falls, this figure highlights just how catastrophic the financial impact of such accidents can be.


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