$5.9 million 

Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts A 19 year-old laborer and resident of Pittsfield, Berkshire County, MA, was awarded in for injuries that resulted when a guardrail collapsed, sending him plummeting 30 feet, and landing on his head. The young man suffered serious head injuries, and has permanent brain damage.

$4.2 million 

Boston, Suffolk County, MA – recovery for a scaffolding collapse. The owner of a small subcontracting company was loading bags of shingles onto staging on which he was standing, when he threw the last bag down onto the scaffold plank. The entire staging suddenly collapsed, causing him to fall 20 feet to the ground. He suffered serious brain damage, and was unable to walk again.

$1.5 million 

Bronx County, New York – medical malpractice settlement for a 29 year-old man whose stomach cancer was not properly diagnosed by his doctor until it was too late to save his life.

$1.2 million

recovery for injuries resulting from defective design of automobile. An 18 year-old girl, just graduated from high school, was a passenger in a convertible that took a sharp curve too fast and rolled over. The car ended up in an upside-down position, with the windshield completely collapsed and the top of the passenger door compressing the girl’s chest and cutting off oxygen to her brain. The car was lifted off her by several bystanders, which saved her life but left her with severe brain damage. The A-pillars that held the windshield in place were too weak to withstand the forces of a foreseeable rollover accident.

$1.75 million

Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts – for a longshoreman whose hand was crushed between two cargo containers. Improper supervision and training was alleged to have been a substantial contributing cause.

$1.5 million

Queens, New York – for day laborer burned on legs in flash fire caused by highly flammable floor finishing product. For the first time in almost 20 years, a New York ruled that an injured worker could proceed to trial against the sellers of this dangerous product.

$1.65 million

Boston, Suffolk County, MA – for union painter, residing in Philadelphia, PA,

$1.1 million

Businesswoman’s high-heel shoe gets stuck in cement. $1.1 million settlement for her injuries. Contractor fails to protect pedestrians from repair work on office complex walkway, resulting in twisted ankle and eventual Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

$1 million

Woman had paper shredder erupt in a fireball causing respiratory problems (federal court on Long Island, NY)


Bronx County, New York – for a construction worker who received a 110 volt shock from an unsecured wire.


Worcester County, MA – Death caused by defective garage lift settlement for a young man in his 20’s. A lift designed to support cars in an elevated position to allow them to be serviced was found to be defective. The man was found pinned against a worktable by a car that had apparently slipped off the front of the elevated lift. He had been crushed to death.


Recovery for the 95 year-old nursing home resident beaten by nurse’s aide. The elderly victim was taken to the hospital, where brain surgery was performed.


Buffalo, Erie County, NY – recovery for a businessman sickened by carbon monoxide while staying at a hotel.