Construction Site Accidents Attorney NYC

Construction Site Accident Injuries Serious construction site accident injuries can occur in almost any type of construction or renovation project, from a remodeling of a home to the building of a skyscraper. “Time is money”, and ensuring a safe construction job site takes too much time for many contractors. The result is thousands of needless construction site & job related injuries that make construction one of the most dangerous occupations in this country.

Falls – particularly accidents caused by falling from scaffolds or ladders, through floor openings and off the edge of buildings – is the leading causes of injury at a construction site. Other causes of construction site injuries include being run over by vehicles, crane accidents, electrical accidents, fire, explosion, chemical exposures, and trench collapses.

Construction Site Accident Lawyer Massachusetts

Although an injured construction workers can usually recover workers compensation benefits for on the job injuries, there are often in addition other, more substantial rights available to an injured worker and his family. Many people who suffer from construction site injuries do not realize the importance of speaking with an attorney who specializes in construction accidents.

Serving New York, Boston, and surrounding areas, Scott Charnas can help you protect your rights in if you think you may be a victim in a construction site accident case. He has lectured to other lawyers on how to handle construction site accident cases, and he can work with you to achieve the best results for you and your family. Call or email to schedule your free consultation.