When a large truck collides with a smaller vehicle, the scene that results is almost always chaotic. Debris will likely be scattered across the roadway, and traffic may be blocked in both directions until responders can clear the wreckage.

It may be tempting to lose your composure in such a scenario, but it’s important that you stay calm and start gathering evidence to build your personal injury claim. Your statements and actions at the scene and over the weeks that follow could have a major impact on how your case unfolds.

Below are just a few tips to keep in mind after a truck accident:

  1. Document the Scene

If you didn’t sustain debilitating injuries and you’re able to walk around after the accident, you should do the following before leaving the scene:

  • Photograph the wreckage from all angles;
  • Gather the names and phone numbers eyewitnesses;
  • Obtain the trucker’s employment details and insurance information; and
  • Get the names and badge numbers of all responding officers.


  1. Don’t Admit Fault

Your statements will influence what the responding officer writes in the accident report, so you should avoid apologizing or accepting fault. Try only to provide objective and factual statements about what happened.


  1. Undergo an Immediate Medical Evaluation

Visit a doctor as soon as possible—preferably on the same day as the accident but certainly no later than 48 hours after. Depending on the types of injuries you sustained, getting prompt medical treatment might improve your prognosis, and it will demonstrate a commitment to mitigating your damages. It will also help your attorney prove causation. If you take your healthcare seriously and following your doctor’s instructions, the insurance company will have one less source of ammunition to use against you.


  1. Don’t Provide Any Recorded Statements to the Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster may ask you to provide recorded statements at various stages of the claims process. But it’s possible that your statements will be taken out of context to challenge your claim. As such, it’s best to let your lawyer handle this dialogue from day one so you’re not coerced into saying something that brings liability or the severity of your injuries into question.


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